When is it important to have a quality lawyer by your side? - Australian Wills and Estate Law
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When is it important to have a quality lawyer by your side?

In general, any legal matter calls for an experienced legal professional. Of course, not all cases have a need for a solicitor as they may be able to be handled on their own. However, there are some more serious cases that have a necessity for a lawyer should you want to achieve a positive result.

A good rule of thumb is that if you are facing a large fine and/or jail time then you will want to have a quality lawyer by your side. Below are the four most common situations where you will need a legal professional to help.

A good lawyer can make a huge difference to the outcome of your case.

  1. Divorce

Going through a divorce is a rather challenging process and you will need someone to guide you through it. There is even more of a necessity for legal help when there are complex asset that need to be divided or allocated. A strong lawyer will ensure that you get a fair result and this is often extremely challenging when there are children involved.

Of course, finances and major assets like homes are also something to be considered and is a major reason why having an experienced solicitor is required.

  1. Lawsuit

When it comes to a law suit you almost certainly need a solicitor by your side because you know that the other person will. What you are being sued for will determine the type of lawyer that you require but in many instances this will be a criminal lawyer.

This needs to be done swiftly as the case will require quick action so that the defence have an understanding of future action. Having an experienced attorney will ensure that any settlements that need to be paid will end up being cheaper and will ultimately save you money due to the time and money saved in legal costs.

  1. Drinking under the influence charges

Drinking under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious offence and can come with equal consequences. Despite jail time being rare for these charges, they can attract a serious fine and licence suspension causing serious inconveniences. With a lawyer, they will be able to provide evidence and a strong case for these punishments to be watered down to a smaller fine and potentially no loss of licence.

  1. Wills

Wills are important legal documents and whether you are writing one or are involved in a dispute, have an experienced attorney will ensure that all legal regulations are met helping to build a strong will and ensure that the outcome of any disputes is fair.

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