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Criminal, Criminal Law, General / 17.10.2018

  You sit and nervously wait. ‘All rise’ the stern voice of the court bailiff booms and your stomach drops into your toes. You watch as the judge enters the court room and takes his seat. Facing a judge can be a daunting experience to say the least. Apart from knowing all of your rights you also need to use the right language. One wrong word could implicate you. That is why criminal lawyers Melbourne are important professionals that you should really consider using. They have qualified attorneys with many...

Criminal / 17.05.2018

In general, any legal matter calls for an experienced legal professional. Of course, not all cases have a need for a solicitor as they may be able to be handled on their own. However, there are some more serious cases that have a necessity for a lawyer should you want to achieve a positive result. A good rule of thumb is that if you are facing a large fine and/or jail time then you will want to have a quality lawyer by your side. Below are the four most...