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What Family Lawyers in Sydney Providing a Free Consultation Will Ask You

Family solicitors from Unified Lawyers are doing a great service to their local constituents.

Across the city everyday there are many occasions where a relationship reaches a breaking point and an experienced professional opens their doors to offer their guidance.

Their lines of questioning won’t be made at random however, allocating their time wisely to assess what the nature of the case is, how they are feeling, what papers have been signed and more.

Let us outline some core questions posed by a solicitor in this setting.


What Is The Nature of Your Case?

The very first question that Unified Lawyers will ask a client will be a general one: what is the nature of the case? Has a divorce already been finalized? Has an initial decision been made but you are unaware about the next step? What stakes are there in the matter – including children, homes, debt, vehicles or more? They need to be given as much information as possible to assess what the next actions will be.


Do You Have a Support Network of Family and Friends to Assist You?

Family lawyers in Sydney providing a free consultation are not miracle workers. Whilst they can give an outline for a case they will need to ensure that the client is being supported by loved and trusted parties. During the downtime in between legal proceedings, hearings and mediation talks, there is a lot of time to contemplate. This is where close friends and family members offer the best support.


What Is Your Mental and Emotional State?

Family lawyers in Sydney providing a free consultation are not psychiatrists. They are not in a position to offer mental health analysis because they are not medical experts. However, given the stress, anger and anxiety that can be experienced during these cases it is important for a solicitor to check in with a client and get a gauge on their mental and emotional state. It will tie in with the need to source a family and friend support network, as well as the need to refer a spouse to a therapist to address these matters directly. Trying to avoid these feelings might feel convenient with more pressing matters at hand, but the entire case can collapse if the individual is not in a fit mental or emotional state to proceed.


Have You Signed Any Documents or Spoken With Other Lawyers?

From prenuptial agreements to restraining orders or child custody papers, there can be events that proceed meeting with solicitors that will have an impact when seeing family lawyers in Sydney providing a free consultation. If legal documents have a signature on them, they are binding in a court of law. In this regard the representative needs to officially know what has been signed onto paper and whether or not they have held talks with other lawyers or representatives of the former partner. Should they have disclosed details and information during those discussions, they could place the client at a disadvantage.


Have You Tried Mediation or Negotiation Yet?

Family lawyers in Sydney providing a free consultation can offer their client a great deal in terms of sourcing a helpful resolution, but it will be useful to have the two spouses engaging in talks beforehand. This will allow the framework to be formed where certain terms will be discussed, outlining what assets are on the table, what concessions can be offered and what lines in the sand will be drawn. It will also enable the solicitor to assess the terrain and determine whether or not the other party is acting in good faith and willing to come to the table voluntarily.


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