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The Importance Of Using Criminal Lawyers In Melbourne


You sit and nervously wait. ‘All rise’ the stern voice of the court bailiff booms and your stomach drops into your toes. You watch as the judge enters the court room and takes his seat.

Facing a judge can be a daunting experience to say the least. Apart from knowing all of your rights you also need to use the right language. One wrong word could implicate you. That is why criminal lawyers Melbourne are important professionals that you should really consider using. They have qualified attorneys with many years of experience. With client testimonials and a series of wins, they will advise you on your charges rather than taking advantage when you are at your most vulnerable stage. There are many laws that involve full understanding, and using an experienced attorney will provide you a lot of stress reduction.

Criminal lawyers in Melbourne can reduce the risk of false accusal, unnecessary jail time, DNA recording, drivers disqualification or obtaining a criminal record. They will present your evidence correctly. A good attorney knows how to ask the right questions, they are also able to identify weaknesses in the oppositions case and can use these weaknesses in your favour.

fingerprint and magnifying glass


Offences to contest

Criminal lawyers in Melbourne have years of experience with a wide array of charges. These charges include shoplifting, firearm possession, gun charges, weapons possession, blackmail, extortion, murder and manslaughter, stalking, fraud, theft, sexual assault, rape, under age porn and other internet offences, assault on an officer, drug possession, drug trafficking, drug cultivation, death threats, domestic violence, breach of AVO and many others that you have found yourself charged with as well as appeals to the county court.

You may have found yourself charged with a traffic offence. These may include driver disqualification, driving whilst suspended, speeding, red light, accidents, not wearing seatbelt, driving under the influence or reckless endangerment. These are serious traffic offences of which criminal lawyers in Melbourne are experienced to tackle and can help you keep your license and avoid fines. You may have already lost your license, then they can assist in lodging your application to get your license back faster.

An experienced criminal lawyer in Melbourne can help you understand the charges that have been filed against you. From there they can then advise you on the best moves to make. Never will they do anything that you object to but they will explain to you their reasoning.



In most cases it is hard for an individual to access the necessary evidence to use in your case. Criminal lawyers in Melbourne are experienced in uncovering all of the evidence ensuring nothing is missed and achieving the best possible outcome. Once they have compiled the evidence they can then prepare the witnesses that can be used to support your defence.

Often you might be called in for a police interview or you may have already been arrested in which case you will be required to do a police interview. These types of specialised solicitors are used to talking with the police. They understand what is being said and what your charges mean and they know the best ways to respond as certain things said can implicate you further or destroy your chances of defending yourself successfully. If you are convicted of a crime you will be required to attend a sentencing hearing. Your attorney can help decrease the severity of your sentence and possibly avoid jail time.

So if you find yourself in trouble and are facing prosecution, the best option for you is to contact criminal lawyers in Melbourne and get them on your side.


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